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overcast 28 °C

large_IMG_0266.jpgNot much new here in 24 hours....well, I guess the fact that it is cloudy today is new! But it is only about 28....lol. Sorry, I understand that most of you are on a snow day or else and cleaning up the snow. Sorry Charlie but that's the way the cookie crumbles! I am bringing you some coffee for your belly! By the way, those stairs, that is only one section of approximately 5 sets. This resort is built on the hillside!! Walking stairs everywhere!

So, here's a few more pics


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Panama - Playa Blanca


sunny 30 °C

Day 1 was a very long day. At airport at 4:00 am with flight at 6. Off to Vancouver where we had to stop and pick up those darn Vancouverites. Only kidding, some of my best friends are from BC. Little delay in Vancouver in fixing the back door of the plane to shut the darn idiot light off but about 60 minutes later, we were off to the south….way down south……….Panama……the last country in Central America before South America begins. (For those of you who needed a geography lesson!)

We arrived about 7:30 and then we had the big bus ride from the airport to the resort. So, through Panama City and out into the country. Well, sorta…small villages and more small villages. Unfortunately this was all in the dark, so all we saw was some of Panama City and lots of headlights on our 2 hour drive to the resort. As we are doing a split holiday (11 days at this resort and 3 in Panama City) I guess we will get to see it all on March 10 when we transfer into Panama City. Also, then we will only be 30 minutes away from the airport for the homeward flight. They are building a new airport which will be ready in 2014 and it is about 20 minutes from the resort so that will be nice for the resort.

This resort is massive. It has 3 separate lobbies although you can do the same stuff at whichever lobby is closest to you. There are about 20 pools (so it seems). The beach is about 2 miles long. There are 3 buffets and about 8 a la cartes. Apparently there are 700 rooms in the buildings on the beach. Well, the beach is really a hillside and all the buildings are built on the hill. Very nice.

BUT, we are not staying there, we are staying in the villas on the golf course. Amazing little condo type time share buildings with all the necessities…..even hot water if you flush the toilet and wait for a couple minutes. We are having a good laugh about that one. But really the only reason I need warm water is to rinse the shampoo outa my hair. Why………..because it is hot, hot, hot. Couldn’t tell you the temperature but it is HOT. Every day so far has been hotter than the day before and every day has been windier than the day before. Our building backs onto the 2nd tee box and fairway. It’s a very short hole so we can see the green to the right too. I love sitting on the patio and watching people tee off. Very interesting!

We have golfed every day so far…Wed, Thursday and Friday, however, we will take the weekend off and golf again on Monday. We have only been doing 9 holes as our tee times have been late….around 3:00. It seems as everyone wants the early tee times and books so far ahead here. Heck, we are from western Canada and we like to wait for around 3 for the temperature to warm up….lol. And we like golfing in the gale winds. We will be able to handle whatever the weather may bring this year back in Alberta…for sure.

The golf course is very nice, with lots of those !*$%*$^ sand traps, water and trees. John has his favorite tree which he has so far rang its bell twice and I seem to just love all the sand traps. All in all, we are getting better each day and worse each day. But we are still smiling and having fun.

Every southern resort needs a Canadian run beach bar and Panama is no exception. Down the beach in the little town of Farrollon on the beach you will find Woody’s Beach Bar. It’s only a short stumble and as always, it is full of T shirts and Canadian memorabilia. We went on down and had a couple drinks and checked it out. Found the local supermarket and bought a six pack of Coors Light canned beer. The price $6.00. Are you kidding me……they are imported! Gas…….same price as Alberta……..huh, we send the gas down here! Oh, well, never will understand the gas and beer situation anyhow!

4 = notice anything funny about this sign! It’s called “lost in translation“ All over the golf course!
5 - the Sleeping Indian mountain
6 - falls
7 - Pretty bird
8 - look, I can get my head through here!!
9 - the poisonous yellow frog
10 these guys were all huddled together, do you suppose they were cold? Only 30 here!


So, we did 18 holes today and the back 9 is harder than the front 9. We found that Hole 16 has 12 bunkers and yes, we hit most of them-more sand than grass on that hole. Meeting up with friends from TO tonight.

That's all for now folks. Check in later.

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Where we are going!

overcast 0 °C

So, winter vacation booked. Not as far this year but just as exciting. We are going to Panama for 2 weeks. We are staying at a huge all inclusive resort outside of Panama City for 11 days and then we are spending 3 days in Panama City. While at the resort, we are staying on the golf course and plan to get a lot of golf in. Should be fun and entertaining. Oh, ya...there's a casino at the resort too........guess I need to budget a few dollars there!

Panama Canal here we come!


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